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The evolution to today’s Delta Marine YachtCenter has been a relentless pursuit and delivery of substantive and expanded services and capabilities to ensure the quality provision of personalized boat solutions. The Dutch Navy originally used the term "jacht" to refer to a light and fast sailing vessel used to pursue pirates into the shallow water. The Dutch word "jacht" translates to "hunt". In the 17th century European Royalty used these small fast ships for transportation and the Yacht became to be known as vessels that were used by important people. We have always felt that all of our boat owners are important people to us. Therefore, whatever their boat, it is a yacht and they should be cared for and serviced at their special place, our YachtCenter.

The present owner, Tony Faso, brought his contractor, land development and residential home development experience to the boat industry in 2002. With a family history of over 3 decades of living and boating in the Delta, Tony’s local knowledge and community relationships enabled his initial efforts in the buying and refitting of houseboats and small cruising yachts. This business was housed in the portion of the boatyard now occupied by J&H Marine, a subcontractor to the YachtCenter, focused on the mechanical and electrical maintenance and repair of diesel and gas inboard engines. Demand for expanded services lead to the merging of the Faso Refit business with Delta Marine Services boatyard in 2004 and, the integration of the refit and building operations into a traditional boatyard environment. Tony assumed full ownership and has over the past 13 years expanded the original merged entity into 5 business units. The latest unit launched in January, 2017 with the introduction of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or Bring in Your Own Contactor (BYOC) capability which drove an expansion in the number of covered workspaces in the boatyard.

The YachtCenter has now evolved into a uniquely differentiated entity with the following primary areas of service

  • Broad-based Marine Parts Supply Chain
  • DIY or BYOC (Bring Your Own Contractor)
  • Boatyard space rental: workspace (covered and uncovered); in-water covered slips; and housing of boat sales listings
  • A consultative Yacht purchase service as well as a brokerage boat sales operation for trailerable boats
  • Full-service Boatyard differentiated by a cloud-based customer communication system to insure meeting owner expectations by providing timely progress detail of a work-order and implementing the DMYC alternative estimate protocol policies for transparent personalized cost expectation management.

It is recognized that the availability of a full-service capability enables the YachtCenter to meet the potential needs of all boat owners. The service menu has been structured to cost effectively deliver an offering that responds to a broad set of boat maintenance and repair demands dictated by the diverse conditions of the Bay and Delta. The YachtCenter has retained its historical refit heritage while introducing next generation technology and methods so as to enable and facilitate providing choices to empower the boat owner, not the boatyard owner.

The YachtCenter has gained market acceptance and thereby expanded by being primarily guided by customer request and need. It has evolved from its traditional haul-out, hull and bottom repair birthright to being the source for the diagnosis, repair, maintenance and upgrade of an expanding set of repair solutions and maintenance approaches.

The in-house expertise developed over almost 2 decades in marine services and related industries has fueled the natural evolution to become the location for the boat owner who wanted one place to go and one person to manage his projects. We thereby continue to innovate with techniques; materials; electronic systems; concierge and personalized offerings; and broadened ways to efficiently and effectively deliver services as we strive to deliver on our mission of “one-location, one solution”. It has fostered relationships and, a formalized Alliance with J&H and West Coast Canvas to ensure a one-stop shop solution for all boating needs. Along the way, passion for boating underlies all efforts and “whatever it takes” has become a cornerstone of our culture.